What is it?

The Couples WorkoutTM is a fabulously fun way to stay in shape!  It puts a new spin on the term “workout partner” since lifting and lowering your partner literally becomes apart of your workout!

What inspired it?

Inspired by our need to stay in tip-top shape while on tour, we skipped the gym fees, and instead transformed highway rest-stops, hotel rooms and pool side patios into our workout studio!

What is it like?

It is highly creative movement integrating strength training, Olympic lifting, yoga, acrobatics, dance, partner balancing & just plain FUN into the mix!

Is it effective?

It not only will tone up your physical muscles, but also your relationship muscles!   Advice from leading relationship experts, is shared supporting you and your partner in learning how to “work-things-out, as you workout!.  

Who is it for?

Instruction is given so the workout can be modified for beginners.  Although it is most suitable for intermediate to advanced fans of physical fun!

Other benefits?

It is tempting to under-estimate the value of play in adult relationships, yet when you learn how to have fun with your clothes on, it is easier to.....

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